Rotary Vane Pump - U2000 Series

Rotary Vane Pump - U2000 Series

Rotary Vane Pump - U2000 Series : The U2000 rotary vane pump is specifically designed for systems or processes where infinitely variable flow from 0-100%

of the rated pumps capacity is required. The U2000 achieves this with a variety of Control Types, without the need for speed variation devices,

bypass lines/loops or control  valves. Our patented Constant Pressure Control (CPC) pump will operate against a closed valve.


  • Capacity: Up to 250 M3/hr

  • Operation: Up to 20 bar pressure, -40 oC to +300 oC temperature

  • Viscosity: Up to 106 cSt

  • Comply API 676 and other international pump standards

  • U2000 can be supplied bare shaft or fully assembled with driver on a baseplate with coupling and guard.

  • The U2000 series has a built-in full flow relief valve for pump protection

  • Plenty 2000 series pumps can be supplied with single or double component or cartridge style seals. API 682 options are available.

    Soft gland packing is also available.

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