Type 3900 Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valve

Type 3900 Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valve

The Consolidated Type 3900 pilot operated safety relief  valve is a non-flowing design available in

a modulating or pop action pilot. The 3900 POSRV is suitable for  over pressure protection in many
pressurized systems and vessels in the chemical, petrochemical, paper mill,  oil and gas production
and transmission industries.

Inlet Sizes:

1" through 10"

Outlet Sizes:

2" through 10"

Orifice Sizes:

Fourteen sizes – D through T

Set Pressure Range:

15 to 6250 psig

Temperature Range:

-40 F to 505 F


Stainless steel pilot with carbon steel  main valve and stainless steel trim



ASME Section VIII, PED and SQL
ISO 4126-4

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