We ,Exion Thailand Company Limited, founded in 2006 joint venture between Exion Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore and over ten-year professional experienced engineers team in Thailand. We have aimed forward to become the professionals instrumentation and control system engineering company to serve the superior technology and quality products for clients.

Our team are highly trained and experienced in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Exploration & Production and Power Generator Industrials. And we continue to focus on the industries that we are professionals. We are fully covered and well prepared from initial system design, installation, commissioning, calibration, training, service contract and system package engineering. Our extensive database system on representative products and engineering services provide cost effective and simultaneously improve on delivery times and project management schedule.

Customer Relationship Management considering as importance point on our company policy. We continue to improve our client's satisfaction, providing most suitable solutions for our clients' requirements and constant improvement efforts on our product knowledge, engineering skills and technology to provide superior benefit of our clients.

Trading are our core business. We are expertise in

  • Instrumentations Products
  • Process Control Measurements Products
  • Custody Transfer Measurements Products
  • Process Analyzer Products
  • Industrials Communication Products
  • Valves and Pump Products

Our main focus markets :

  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Petroleum Refinery Industry
  • Exploration & Production Industry
  • Power Generator Industry

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